What’s Happening in the News: Early November, 2020

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Thanks for joining us for this installment of our Attainable Home news update. From mental health during the pandemic to statistics about moving in the U.S. and affordable green homes, we hope you’ll find something that interests you here.

Depression and Gen Z

We’ve talked a lot about how the pandemic is affecting millennials this year. Gen Z is feeling it too, though. Trying to plan for the future when the future is unknown is a recipe for frustration. CNBC reports that seven out of ten Gen Z-ers are suffering from depression. If you’re struggling (or a young person in your life is), just knowing how common it is right now might help.

Did you know that even positive life changes can set people up for depression? And one of those big changes is moving.

How the Pandemic Is Moving Us

People move all the time, of course, but this year between January and June, as many as 15 percent of moves were a direct result of the pandemic. This article breaks down a survey of 1,350 people who moved. There’s some interesting data covering which areas had the most outbound moves, which had the most inbound, and more.

Map Courtesy of Flourish

Creating a Green Home Office Space

Whether you’ve actually moved into a different house or just moved your office into your existing house, here are some ideas to make your home office green and comfortable on a budget. I loved this quote from Oliver Heath: “Sustainability shouldn’t be seen as an elitist or expensive option, but one that we can all engage with.” Healthy choices for the planet and for ourselves go hand in hand, and they’re cost effective nearly all the time.

Green Earns Green

On that note, did you know that zero-energy homes are not that much more expensive to build than conventional homes? Whether a home is already net-zero or just zero-energy ready, the upfront costs offer a huge payoff over time. If this interests you, be sure to check out our article on the affordable components of a net-zero home.

Support For Green Builders

With green housing becoming more attainable and more popular all the time, we’d like to join the Zero-Energy Project in encouraging builders to get on board. Click through for some of the latest developments in green building plus some specific pointers for builders who want to go green.

Let’s Connect!

With cold and flu season kicking in and COVID cases on the increase in many areas, we hope our readers are staying well and staying safe. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences coping with uncertainty, dealing with buying/selling/moving in the midst of the craziness, how you made the transition to working from home, and what steps (big or small) you’re taking to make your space and your life greener and more sustainable. Drop us a line or comment below!

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