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A Review of The Colorado Homebuilding Academy Construction Bootcamp Class From A Graduate

Read my honest review of the Construction Bootcamp Skills course after graduating. This month-long immersive course is free for anyone looking to get into the homebuilding industry in Colorado, and can be nearly invaluable if you’re looking to earn more money, switch careers, or to go into an industry that desperately needs great people to help with Colorado’s housing shortage.

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The Incredible Benefits of Buying (and Keeping) Just One Home In Your Lifetime

Owning just one home in your lifetime could be the most powerful decision you ever make, both financially and for overall stability and well-being. The tax laws, monetary system, and property-rights based society that we live in are all designed for it, and we explore how it creates an incredible investment over time, and many other reasons why it’s so powerful.

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The Best Video on How the Economic Machine and Cycles Work – Part 1

When we better understand the economic system we live in, we can continuously make better decisions for ourselves and our lives. This three part series helps to explain why Ray Dalio’s How The Economic Machine Video is one of the best ways out there to quickly understand the world we live in from a financial & behavioral perspective, and what we can watch out for, along with what to do about it to not only keep ourselves out of hot water, but to thrive in prosperity.

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When Economic Recovery Isn’t Enough
The economy has made a slow but steady recovery since the Great Recession, and wages have gone up, so why are so many Americans still struggling...
Real Estate and the Global Economy
Markets have been recovering since 2008, but the past three years have seen a gradual slowdown in an increasingly globalized housing market.
Scandinavia and the World Happiness Report
Scandinavian countries consistently outrank the rest of the world in the World Happiness Report. So what works about their mindset?
Where Are Millennials Buying Homes?
Home ownership is generally low among millennials, for several reasons. Here are the top ten cities where millennials are actually buying homes.
Planning Ahead Pays Off With Solar Energy
Built-in solar technology and solar-ready buildings are catching on. Here are some examples and helpful hints to help you implement solar in your own home.

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

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